Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Being in Control when "under Control"

We are all controlled... we want to control and live in its realms. We do not as a race show much self control, Its a fact and one that I decided today to blog about as on a personal level Im exercising a little more "self control" in light of my health and how life has been these years...quite miserable and now how I want life to be and know it can be but thinking about it there is so much more....
At my basics Im controlling blood pressure, my weight that had always fluctuated all my life, my thoughts, stress and how I live. Im focusing on finding reasons to be cheerful...

But one must be honest and rewind the tape a little first and step a foot outside of my own little world and point out again how we have bigger controls at play and we are not alone.." big brother" is watching you... I think its more likely "Big Brothers" in various disguises and most of us are content in the net of control and we dare not to think about it. Its not just the Governments alone because there are many unseen forces who want control for there own agenda and if the majority of us actually dared to look and see the truth..well I would not be writing about it.

From our earliest steps in life we are controlled by our parents, our carers, the society we live in, the country and programmed "to be" and "to do" and "do not". Our earliest neural programming can be varied depending on which program is run its a lottery if your parents, ancestors are balanced or not!

Though Im feeling peaceful now writing this its because I feel Im closer to the truth than ever. Its the freedom of mind, choices and expression that is the root of my happiness and I wish that for everyone...
We can all be more in control of ourselves and make bigger differences than we want yet we are more comforted and safe being Controlled in "this system" of things with the illusions and false sense of security.
How can that be when you look at what is happening now with financial global collapse, Israel stamping its ugly feet over everything and the ever bigger threats of wars elsewhere..and still we continue as we always did.. Most of man does nothing.. we dont want to make changes and then are angry being let down by the Big Boys in control when the false veil of security has been dropped..

To make some sense of it in my mind I say I know we are created somehow and we can create equally. The whole universe is created and ignorantly some of you live on this blue green globe and think that the stars and universe is just for our entertainment and decoration!!!..We are not alone. Our human design far to complex and amazing to be coincidence and the physics of the planet, the universal laws so perfected that its not possible in any logic to think an explosion caused its order... Did all the bits just fell into place exactly where needed and then the cycles of nature that work in harmony with each other all become coincidence?...I am talking of an intelligence at work, a master of physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and more but I have a BIG problem with Religion, with the God/Gods of religions as its proved a wolf in sheep's clothing.Its fearful, destructive in nature and has proved no reason for mankind to have hope given the acts taken from the name of God and Religion. Its not our hope and salvation because the lies and control continue and we are as a race are equally destructive, insecure and in fearful.

I actually never for a long time gave a slight thought that the omniscient, omnipotent creator could possibly be an advanced version of a nerd who spends most of the time building model railroads or overseeing video-game worlds but then we had "The Matrix"..Fantastic yet chilling film and concept but Its to unsettling to think of the world being run by a computer geek or a controlling alien race but we just do not know...although if that were the case then we might at last dispose of that classic theological question... How could God allow so much evil in the world? For the same reason there are plagues and earthquakes and battles in games like World of Warcraft. Peace is boring, man!!..
From my point, Peace is anything but boring but as a collective whole we struggle and just dont know how to be that way.. its unnatural to our programming...or is it?...Though I think its truly the hardest thing to find peace within yourself and re-programm the controls that make us who we are. To find acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness and love but things are changing and fast on the planet that silently screams and there are new vibrations on earth and still more disturbing events happening.. but there has been an awakening in some of Mankind..There is some hope...many of us who are looking around and questioning, changing... but Im not talking about the ones who want another war to settle the question... There has been a huge surge in The New Age and alternatives in life.. more peaceful alternatives that appear weak to the Programming we've functioned on for centuries... but as yet we the "changing ones" do not fit into the Controlled Society but I know its those of us.. the healers, the Light Workers, the seers, the creatives, the spiritual minded who wish for peace and love that are going back to the basics and undoing the programming of control and accepting this is now how is it or has to be..We are discovering, opening within ourselves another, more complex program that has been dormant or hidden for longer than man dares to look at... Its all within us the answers and we are more powerful inside than you can imagine..
Yet lets be realistic and add a little paranoia here when we should ask the question who hid that programming within us? Was it Big Brothers of long ago, was it other ancient civilizations, alien races or the nerdy Computer programmer controlling us?... One thing for sure is we have it within us to find the answers that are simple... We are creators of our reality, all have free will and can make better choices but we dont like to use that program or freedom.. yet still complain and scream and riot when everything is falling down around us....

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